Kazumi Racecar Pig: And the NOT so different space aliens...from space!

Little Kazumi doesn’t like things that are different. He is afraid of anything other than what he is used to in his Pig culture. One day, Kazumi finds himself in a world of different when he gets stranded on an alien planet. He will need to face these new things if he wants to get back home. Kazumi may even find out that different can be great and make a friend or two along the way.

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Dimitri Has His Head In The Clouds

Dimitri Vincenzo is a dreamer. He has a wonderful imagination. His passion for drawing and story telling is only made stronger when Dimitri finds a new world in his back yard filled with amazing creatures. However, not everyone thinks Dimitri’s imagination is a good thing and want to put a stop to it. His peers put him down. Dimitri will have to learn to hold tight to his dreams if he wants them to come true. With a little help from his Mom and new dino friends he just might do it.

Dimitri Cover

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