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From the very beginning, I had a passion for drawing. It was always what I was going to do with my life. At the time, I didn’t know exactly which area I would focus on. That all changed when I was about twelve years old and saw an old short called "How Walt Disney Cartoons Are Made." In the short Walt explains the process of animation. That was it! I couldn’t believe it didn’t hit me before. I guess I thought animation was created by elves or something. This was the moment I decided to combine drawing with an equal passion for story telling and pursue animation. Many years later, after receiving my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in animation, I was eager to see my dream of people enjoying my characters and stories fulfilled. David McBride Animation came about out of my desire to give the same joy to others, that I have received from so many in the field who came before me. Like anyone who tries to do something great, I did not make it this far on my own. I have had a number of family, friends, teachers and mentors who so graciously offered their guidance and knowledge to set me on path to success. The one person who filled all these categories is my Mom. She has been my biggest supporter and motivator from day one. The endless possibilities of the imagination fascinates me. Making people think, laugh, cry and relate to the characters and stories I create through animation is an ongoing dream that I will never tire of.
                                                                                                                        -David McBride





I am a second degree black belt in karate

Talking about art to children at my old elementary school.

          Meeting Kevin Eastman. I am a huge Ninja Turtle fan.

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